Megan (maggiepooh) wrote,

Well I am currently in NY with Simon and I will update more about the summer later but I just wanted to say that I miss everyone.. Leigh I miss you and I know you wanted me to call but I honestly don't want to just have a half ass phone convo because too much is going on around me so
I will call u when I have a lot of time to make the conversation worth while.. plus we need time to update!! Sivan.. I haven't spoken to u in forever and I miss you like a biyatch.. I know you started school which kinda sucks but I am sure you are kicking ass.. u have to update me about ur life.. love life... school.. need kids.. etc... WELLL you both could make this easier but using ur livejournals!!!! AHH... that is what we got them for.. yeah.. I am done trying to be forceful..haha.. love you guys more than anything.. I hope you are prepared to be in my BIG KISS!

PS for lizzz... I miss you and will see you soon.. We have to have a night of movies and chinese before school
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