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longest week ever!

Well this has by far been the longest week EVER!!.. AHH we just aren't doing anything but we are suck doing NOTHING.. it sucks my well now that I got that off of my chest I feel better.
Yesterday I had a band concert that went pretty well. I chilled after school and learned how to develop pictures with Liz which was cool I then procrastinated writing my english essay and doing my BCR for chem.. but whatev... umm.. yeah and talked with Liz and Jen about Simon leaving.. it was hard shit.. ANYWAYS besides that I painted one of the three walls white thursday and plan on finishing all of it up this weekend and hanging up the shelves and stuff. I want to have a party on the 25th of June, which is the day before i leave to France with Simon (we are staying at janne's beach house for a week.. cool shit.. yeahhhh).. anyways yeah.. so that is when I want to have it. Next week we have finals.. I have a speech for english, final test for chem, final test for math, normal test for italian, and a huge motherfucking presentation for fucking PE/HEALTH!! (my mile grade taht day counts for 3 miles, and the presentation is like 100 points or something)... anyways yeah the bell just went so I am gonna go.. LOVE
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