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i miss u guys... seriously.. i just realized how lonely a place can be when everyone is gone.. and on vacation.. i realized that in israel no matter what i never felt like that.. even if everyone is gone.. just because i loved it.. i loved the place.. it was my home.. but here.. i dunno i still feel somewhat lost.. like longing... to be back there.. it is fucked.. i like it at times because it makes me realize what it meant to me but seriously i need to move on.. it just hurts tooo fucking much.. anyways yeah.. sivan u called last night but my sister didn't tell me until this morning so i will call u later.. leigh hope you are kicking ass at the competition... i can't believe you were in piazza duomo.. it fucking makes me want to cry.. anyways to everyone else.. miss you and love..
p.s. has anyone seen steel magnolia.. old movie fucking amazing.. i hope that we (meaning me and all my friends) turn out that close..
p.p.s. simon gets back today.. omg.. i missed him sooo fucking much.. it forced me to realize the feelings and the longing that i am going to have to go through AGAIN.. AHH.. why do i do this to myself?.. anyways.. ciao
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